We are the approved solution for achieving LOCS:23 certification.
Ready to find out why?

In February 2024, the ICO approved and endorsed the LOCS:23 Standard as the new GDPR benchmark for information and data protection for Legal Services.

To understand how LOCS:23 can benefit your company, download the brochure below.

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Join the global Alliance of cyber secure companies

Why Arx Alliance?

Cyber security, Compliance and Third-Party Risk Management in one single secure platform.

   Automated security scanning and threat identification

 Quick and easy third-party risk assessments

  Compliance with LOCS:23, Cyber Essentials, ISO27001

 Support and guidance for under performing third-parties

 In-depth reporting and automated incident logs


At Eka Ventures, cyber security is our top priority in the face of evolving threats. Our commitment to risk management benefits our investors, portfolio companies, and stakeholders. By using Arx, we have achieved a net positive outcome as our cyber insurance costs have significantly decreased.